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About This Project

Rebranding a Mature Organization for Growth

The National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), an organization entering its third decade, had outgrown its name, brand and communications platform. It needed to underscore its impact to stakeholders as an education network that cultivates revolutionary ideas and promising inventions. At this pivotal time in the organization’s growth, NCIIA brought on Fenton to create a full rebranding and communications plan and prepare them to better reach their audiences, from faculty and student innovators to funders and businesses seeking social purpose investments.

Over the course of one year, my team at Fenton partnered with NCIIA to conduct a full make-over of its brand and communications platform. The new VentureWell name was developed to replace NCIIA and we expressed it graphically with a new logo. To accompany the full rebrand, I took the lead designing the new VentureWell brand guidelines, website and print collateral.

The rebrand was a success, and we were asked to collaborate with NCIIA on a second scope of work to help launch the new brand. The NCIIA team unveiled the new VentureWell brand on the cusp of the organization’s 20th anniversary. At a key moment for the organization, when visibility was growing through recent support from the Gates Foundation, the National Science Foundation and others, the new VentureWell brand platform allowed their team to better position its leadership role in the field.

VentureWell Brand Guidelines
VentureWell Collateral
VentureWell folder

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