Ryan Cassidy | Asphalt Green
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About This Project

Asphalt Green “Move the Ramp” Campaign

Mayor de Blasio had approved construction of a waste processing center in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The garbage truck ramp to this facility would cut through the Asphalt Green recreation center campus. The ramp would be flanked by soccer fields and a toddler park. Moving this ramp one block north would reduce the threat of injuries without adding significant cost, but the fight against the Marine Transfer Station itself already raged for years, and the media seemed too fatigued to cover this issue.

Working with Fenton, we reversed the words in the Mayor’s “Vision Zero” road safety campaign to create the “Zero Vision” campaign about the dangerous ramp. The strategy centered on highly-targeted advertising in the NYC metro area magnified by press coverage. We created a full-page ad for the New York Times, a 30-second commercial for local television and digital ads all calling to “move the ramp.”

The campaign reached City Hall. And as a result, on July 31st of that year, the mayor agreed to move the ramp one block north as our campaign and Asphalt Green had suggested.

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