Ryan Cassidy | About
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About me.

Drawing on over a dozen years of industry experience, I look at every new project as an opportunity to raise the bar. I strive to bring a sense of simplicity, clarity, and authenticity to every project by looking for inspiration inside the world around us.

I grew up in central Massachusetts and graduated college with a fine arts Fake Oakleys degree. I quickly learned that it was more lucrative to work with computers than canvases. So I got to work as a graphic designer, creating award-winning menus for a national restaurant chain, book design, packaging for Gillette, logos and websites.

In 2008, I expanded my skill-set by focusing on interactive and web design projects in a freelance capacity. Inspired by the freedom of freelance oakleys outlet and rejuvenated by facing new challenges, I decided to take it a step further by selling all my things – keeping my laptop – and move to Buenos Aires. There, I studies Spanish, drank Malbec, and volunteered locally by working with the African immigrant community. I loved traveling around South America and working on my art. After three years in Argentina, I moved to New cheap nfl jerseys York City with a renewed passion for culture and the arts.

I have worked in NYC on international campaigns for Jim cheap oakley sunglasses Beam, Pampers, European Wax Center and Sabra Hummus. At Fenton, I was able to work with clients, non-profits and foundations that are trying to make the world a better place and have lasting impact. Creating memorable brands is the product of hard thinking, collaboration and the odd genius moment. In between these moments I can be found baking bundt cakes in my Brooklyn loft with my grupos partner and our collection of fashionable custom jerseys eyewear.

I believe in working hard, sitting up straight, avoiding cliche, leaving on time, and embracing the unexpected.